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    [ANN][ICO] KUBITX - Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Platform

    KuBitX is aiming to become the most preferred and secure exchange in the world by volume, liquidity, users, and utility. KuBitX isn't only a project, it is a development to accomplish financial liberty by ensuring cryptocurrencies impart and connect people who have been up to this point exempted...
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    Quick question: Bitcoin price alert app!

    You're welcome :)
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    Quick question: Bitcoin price alert app!

    Cryptocurrency has overwhelmed the world. Just take a look at the best cryptocurrency apps for Android. Here are some more app lists you might find interesting! Bitcoin Checker: It's one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps. Blockchain Wallet: Blockchain Wallet is one of the better...
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    Chancoin City is currently at 2,400+ population now!

    Ethereum tanked on the news and is still down 7.6 percent on the Coinbase exchange.