[ANN] CatoCoin : The Next Generation of Masternode Coins with NextGen Technology

May 4, 2018
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Introducing CatoCoin

The Next Generation of Masternode Coins with exclusive NextGen Technology

UPDATE - 8/25/18
UP TO $10.40/WEEK WITH BTC AT $6,500

LATEST NEWS - 8/22/18

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CatoCoin 'NextGen Technology

Our ground breaking NextGenTechnology transforms the way in which Rewards and Collateral requirements are calculated.
We identified several problem areas and opportunities that could only be addressed through the introduction of a new coin with
revolutionary Blockchain technology: CatoCoin; because all conventional Masternode coins are plagued with the same fundamental problems.

Conventional coins pre-set rewards on the progression of the block chain by 'guessing' how quickly Masternodes will be added over
time when the coin is developed. This approach is like throwing darts blindfolded.

CatoCoin's NextGen Technology decouples rewards & collateral requirements from the blockchain and links them instead to the
number of active Masternodes.

CatoCoin's NextGen Technology employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the number of active Masternodes and automatically adjusts
rewards and collateral requirements. This ingenious approach allows CatoCoin to be the only coin that can Guarantee ROI both now and in the future.
All without ever having to fork the blockchain, install new wallets or purchase additional coins once collateral requirements increase.

CatoCoin is The Next Generation of Masternode Technology

• Collateral & Rewards increase based on the number of active Masternodes
• Listed on CryptoBridge NOW
• Innovative anti-dumping design factor
• Automatic Collateral & Reward Increases every 30 nodes without any wallet updates required
• Masternode Persistence after collateral increases
• Your Masternode never expires even though newer Masternodes require a higher collateral
• Staking Mobile wallet on Roadmap
• Masternode exchange on Roadmap
• Increasing Rewards based on Number of Masternode Running
• Ingenious Reward system to insure there's never an oversupply of coins
• Excellent ROI even after hundreds of Masternodes
• Substantial Rewards for early adopters

Catocoin and there are many more just like this.