My garlicoin price projections

Jan 23, 2018
This is a post I made to reddit but I thought that you guys might enjoy it too! (Just some ideas)

To start, this is just for fun and to raise some hopes but don't do this just to make money. As /u/Bo7a put it "Garlicbread is not a food to be gobbled, but to be savored." Now into the predictions!

So! Garlicoin is here and I'm sure some people are still wondering what the price will be. Well, let me give you the hard truth. It doesn't have a price right now and wont for a while. The best way to get a price going to to buy garlicoin from someone who has mined it and post how much you paid per coin. That way, we could get an idea of the community's accepted garlicoin value.

GRLC = Garlicoin and DOGE = Dogecoin

Now for the price projections. My projections for the TOP price garlicoin will ever reach is between $16.2 $32.4 per coin! This projection is based largely off of dogecoin. Now, if it gets as popular as dogecoin, it still could go well past that! Now. My math behind this is based on dogecoin's current amount and garlicoin maximum amount! If you have not seen it, (as of now) (I will change it if they do) they are starting the n-factor of the scrypts on 10 and it will climb every 200 days. This means that they will be able to introduce a little bit more but it will mine at half the hash rate every time. This make garlicoin REALLY good to get at the start and harder over time. Will we hit the max amount? No. I don't think so. That may sound like useless info but I will come back to it in a little bit.

(current amount of DOGE / max amount of GRLC) x top DOGE price

Now that gives us-
(112,000,000,000 / 69,000,000) x $0.02 (I'm using 2 cents because I have been told that it hit 2 cents but also adding in this price cut in half because all I could find was a top price of 1 cent)

Ok. So, there are a few holes in this equation that I will get out of the way is a little bit. First, let’s go over why this equation could be correct. This is obviously a supply and demand ratio. lower supply, higher demand. Since the current DOGE to GRLC max is 1,623/1, the supply of GRLC to the demand if GRLC grows as popular as DOGE makes it MUCH higher in price than DOGE. Now for some holes in the equation:

1.) This is the current DOGE amount, not the amount when it was at its top price.
2.) This is assuming that GRLC will hit its maximum amount!
3.) How long is this going to take?
4.) This is assuming that GLRC will grow as popular as DOGE.
I will deal with these in order. First, this is the current doge amount, not the amount DOGE was at when at it’s top price. To see how this DOESN’T affect the equation, we must look at how DOGE production works! Dogecoin was set to release 100,000,000,000 coins a little after their first year and only a little over 5,000,000,000 coins for every year thereafter. The top post on r/dogecoin is about how dogecoin hit 1 cent. That was a around a month ago. Also around the time the last check on the amount of dogecoin in circulation was!

This second problem is actually good for us! You see, GRLC has a maximum amount of 69,000,000 but its would be VERY hard to hit that amount. (This part will include some actual numbers and some theoretical stuff.) First for some facts. Garlicoin is a fork or Litecoin. The difference is that Garlicoin is ASIC resistant whereas Litecoin, Bitcoin, AND Dogecoin currently are mined with ASIC miners. These miners can easily get a ton of Mega Hashes per Second. That means that all of these currencies can be mined WAY faster than GRLC. Also, Litecoin only has a total of 52,000,000 coins in circulation! Litecoin started in 2011 too! With that and the n-factor stuff I said above, (told you I would get back to it) it will take years to mine the maximum amount! (After looking over this again, hitting the max is probably impossible) Like, many many many years! This, again with supply and demand means that you need to be jumping on top of mining and buying now because it’s possible popularity mixed with the supply means that it will be a WAY higher price per coin than DOGE.

Now the third problem is not really a problem if you are patient. As stated above, the dogecoin top post about being 1 cent per coin came out around a month ago. The dogecoin community is over four years old! It’s going to take a while to grow but just wait and you will still be able to have a BIG return on investment!

Now for the last problem. This is assuming that GRLC will grow as popular as DOGE. This is where we ALL come in! We need to make GRLC popular! Selling! Buying! Trading! And most importantly, MEMES! Garlicoin is a meme currency! WE NEED TO MAKE THE MEMES! Go and post GRLC memes! Tell people! Post on here! ! Post memes! Post other things! Comment! This community needs you to be an active member if we are going to grow!

Thanks for listening to this post about Garlicoin!