new coin easy to mine in web browser using JAVA !!!


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Feb 1, 2018
Hi there Lads!!! new crypto not yet available to buy but can be mined already and you can easly mine the coin with chrome. App using web browser and java technology for mining. it is still easy to mine.
It will go moon soon!!!
Even before getting to any exchange it is worth 1$ per coin.
I'm getting 1 coin per day and my PC is 7 years old. There's not too many miners yet so it's not difficult to mine.
It works for webmasters as well!!!
You install a piece of code on your site. When the user visits your site the code starts running and the users browser will start running mathematical hashing calculations.
Correct hashes are sent back to our servers and the webmasters are rewarded with JSEcoin tokens.
Find the link below:
Apr 13, 2018
Over the past few months, I have been involved in few crypto projects. Some of them are really good enough and trustworthy like SciDex. But some others aren't. So invest in a project which has legality, durability and visibility.