NEW POOL - Garlic, Inc. Low Fee (0.75%) ~ Community Discord w/ Help Desk ~ 2.5GRLC Giveaway every block! ~ 15GRLC Giveaway at 30MH/s! (Recently Re-hau

Feb 9, 2018
Hello, future employee! Welcome to Garlic, Inc.!

We've recently had a re-haul of our back and front ends, and we desperately need hash-power for that sweet and savory garlicky goodness!

Please consider joining us as we have a cool gimmick! For being a miner, you have a chance
of getting 2.5GRLC from each block we solve! Isn't that neat?

We've also got a low fee of 0.75%!

So join today! And you'll be contributing to a tastier future...

You can visit our website @
Our stratum address is: stratum+tcp://
Official pool discord (we're pretty active and try to help out whenever we can):
Apr 13, 2018
hey as the OP said already great project. I am also looking for a project where I will invest again. Though I already involved in a great project SciDex. Thanks!