Selling Zcash for fiat currency and xferring proceeds to a UK bank account - advice needed


New member
Oct 9, 2018
Hi, new to the group. Wanted some advice. I am currently mining zcash via a new mining as a service offering.
I want to be able to sell the zcash coins for fiat currency (preferably GBP, but I'd be comfortable with Euros or USD),
and then to xfer the fiat currency proceeds into my uk bank account. I was going to sign up with Kraken as they said
they couldl handle Euros being xferred to my uk bank account via SEPA as long as my bank supported SEPA,
but I'm concerned about what happens wrt to SEPA support with uk banks after Brexit in March next year.
Would welcome any advice from anyone about how best to get this setup, including any views/recommendations on uk banks that are crypto trading friendly, and exchanges that support Zcash/fiat currencies for zfer to uk bank accounts etc