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‘No one is lesser than you for working a fast-food job’

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The Swedish pop star Zara Larsson is making headlines—but not for the reasons she’d probably hope. Instead of her emerging acting career taking center stage, it’s her “classist” comment about working for McDonald’s that is raising eyebrows.

The Swedish singer turned actress, with a reported net worth of $10 million, is making her Netflix debut in the film A Part of You later this year and was responding to a fan’s negative reaction to a recent interview.

A Twitter user described Larsson’s decision to discuss dipping her toes into acting with the social-media-first pop culture news site Pop Crave as “the lowest someone can fall.”

“Ok but here you are seeing it so I guess it worked,” Larsson said in defense of the move, while adding that the title has always been supportive of her career.

She signed off the tweet with: “I heard McDonald’s wanted to interview you for new shifts <3.”

While some of Larsson’s loyal fans praised the star’s “sick clapback,” many condemned the comments for making fun of the working class and suggesting that working at a fast-food chain is something to be ashamed of.

“No one is lesser than you for working a fast-food job my love,” one fan wrote, with another adding: “See I was with you until you used working at McDonald’s as a put down as if you’re better than a McDonald’s worker.”

One fan described the jab as “completely unnecessary”: “Why do you have to drag in the working class tho?”

Some critics pointed out that Larsson’s comments could alienate some of her own fans who work at the food chain. Meanwhile, others suggested it was ironic that the star would give career advice to someone questioning her own career choices.

McDonald’s has not responded to Fortune’s request for comment.

Fast-food workers belittled

This is far from the first time that fast-food workers have been belittled. Coming from the other side of the discussion, one McDonald’s employee went viral last year for highlighting how she’s treated simply for doing her job.

In a video that has racked up over 635,000 views on TikTok, Aleeza (@aleezalowery) recalled an angry customer throwing pennies at her and mocking her line of work after she refused to accept his fake $50 bill.

“Just because I work at McDonald’s does not make me less of a person,” she said, while urging others to be more respectful of McDonald’s employees

Aleeza’s experience resonated with many users, with one commenting that she quit her McDonald’s gig after three years for that very reason: “Best decision I made.”

“I feel you, it’s like at least I have a job? Who cares if you work at McDonald’s or any fast-food joint,” another said. “If it pays the bills then you’re doing well.”

“A job is a job,” another added. “My aunt was a manager at McDonald’s & raised several children off of a McDonald’s paycheck.”

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