Home Finance These money and investing tips can fuel your portfolio if the market sputters

These money and investing tips can fuel your portfolio if the market sputters

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Stock investors’ rising ‘wall of worry’ is supporting a new bull market

Mutual-fund and ETF flows suggest that stock-market investors now are more fearful than greedy. Read More

The stock market is taking a breather after a burst of strength

U.S. stocks give no sell signals yet, but the market is now in a negative seasonal period. Read More

Stocks have already absorbed the Fed’s rate-hike pause

After rallying in the wake of the Fed’s recent meeting, the U.S. stock market is losing ground. Read More

What happens to value investing if there’s a recession?

The monthly review of recent Wall Street research. Read More

5 stocks under $5 to catch the small-cap rally as investors turn bullish

The lowdown on small-caps: They’re cheap and set up for a rebound. Read More

Nvidia is the only near-term ‘beat and raise’ chip maker when it comes to AI, analyst says

Nvidia will be the only chip maker positioned to exceed Wall Street expectations in the near term when it comes to AI, one analyst believes. Read More

Here’s a big reason you can expect bonds to start outperforming stocks

Above-average real U.S. interest rates are bullish for bond investors Read More

Why there’s a 2-in-3 chance that U.S. stocks will be higher in December

A positive second-half return for the Dow is likely in any given year, regardless of market valuation. Read More

A secure retirement is possible even if you haven’t saved enough — yet

Vanguard’s latest retirement yearbook has a sobering message—and some hope. Read More

Want to get better with money? Ask your daughter for help.

The path to increasing adults’ financial literacy may be through their children. Read More

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