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Damus calls for Apple to adopt p2p payments amid AppStore removal

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In the face of Apple AppStore removal, the team behind Damus, a popular social media app built on top of Nostr, definitely calls for Apple to adopt censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer payment systems, and pledges to continue supporting their platform on Android, Web, and desktop versions.

The recent move by Apple to remove Damus from the AppStore has sparked heated debates among industry leaders and users alike.

As reported on the Damus Twitter account, the company is determined to persist despite Apple’s decision, stating that “nostr doesn’t care, lightning doesn’t care” and “you can not stop us. The zaps must flow ⚡.”

The app also announced plans to release a “freedom edition” for macOS desktops and to explore the possibility of offering the app on Android and EU iOS17 sideloading. Damus criticized Apple for lacking support for peer-to-peer transactions and accused the tech giant of being “anti-freedom.”

Compliance issues with Apple

The issue persisted as Apple recently informed Damus that their app still did not comply with Guideline 3.1.1 – Business Payments, which requires in-app purchases to be used for transactions associated with receiving digital content. Damus argued that no digital content is unlocked when users send zaps, calling the idea that content is being sold “nonsense.”

In response to Apple’s decision, Damus has changed its app, removing the tap on the zap button and moving the zapping feature to user profiles. The team behind the app has expressed frustration with the limitations imposed upon their platform, accusing Apple of “giving more reasons for people to switch away from your hardware.”

The broader cryptocurrency community has rallied in support of Damus, with notable figures like former Jack Dorsey and Mike Brock from Block retweeting the app’s statements and condemning Apple’s App Store monopoly. On the Damus app, Walker, a nostr advocate and MD of BTC Times, highlighted  past instances of Apple removing apps, such as Bitcoin wallets in 2014 and VPN apps from the China App Store in 2017, accusing the company of being “anti-freedom.”

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